Tanka – David Bowie, I’ve Loved You Since I Was 11 When You Came Into My Life Like A Sonic Epiphany

Alone. Darkness. Scared.
“Blue, Blue, Electric Blue”
Your voice soft and true
Speaking the realness to me
You give me strength to go on


Tanka – An Cuan Mòr

Nèamh, Cruinne-cè,
uisge agus teine ceangail
Sinn abair soraidh
“Ta mo ghràdh ort a-ghnàth,
chi mi a-rithist thu”


(translation from Scottish Gaelic)

Tanka – Big Ocean

Heaven, Earth,
fire and water unite
We say farewell
“I will love you always,
we’ll meet again”


It’s time….
to cast off my flawed humanity
to dress my wounds
to caress my soul
to mend my heart
to free my spirit
to forgive myself
to allow myself to be forgiven
to stop apologising
to stop eulogising the past
to stop dying every day
to reject negative premise
to be uncompromising in my resolve
to derive strength from experience
to face the future without fear
to count my many blessings
to rediscover my tenacity
to embrace change
to learn from it all
to love myself more
to truly breathe again
to turn into the wind
to have hope
to have faith
to be brave
to move on
to dream
to grow
to love
to live
to be…
a new me