Tanka – David Bowie, I’ve Loved You Since I Was 11 When You Came Into My Life Like A Sonic Epiphany

Alone. Darkness. Scared.
“Blue, Blue, Electric Blue”
Your voice soft and true
Speaking the realness to me
You give me strength to go on


Tanka – An Cuan Mòr

Nèamh, Cruinne-cè,
uisge agus teine ceangail
Sinn abair soraidh
“Ta mo ghràdh ort a-ghnàth,
chi mi a-rithist thu”


(translation from Scottish Gaelic)

Tanka – Big Ocean

Heaven, Earth,
fire and water unite
We say farewell
“I will love you always,
we’ll meet again”


I stared into the void
and saw the shadow of my own fear
I spoke unto the void
and heard the echo of my own uncertainty
I reached into the void
and felt the darkness of my own thoughts
I am the architect of this void
I constructed it
I nurture it
I make it real
I am the void
It’s time to let the light in
Turn my nightmares into the sweetest of dreams
By filling my void with