Tanka – Colour Blind

I really don’t care
about the hue of your skin
What I care about
is devoid of all colour;
your spirit, your soul, your love


School Run Chat With My Precocious 5yo Daughter

Me: How was school today?
Her: I learned a new word.
Me: Which word?
Her: “random”
Me: Oh, I’m a big fan of random.
Her: Ok, let’s say something random. You go first, Daddy.
Me: I don’t like hummus.
Her: I’m flying a flag of humility.
Me: You win.
Her: I know. Work on your random, Daddy.


Tanka – Glencoe

Scotland’s beating heart
where earth, sea and sky meet,
guarded by The Three Sisters;
mountains draped in mystery,
home to Children of The Mist


*The Three Sisters is the name of the mountain range overlooking the glen (valley).
*”The Children of The Mist” is the English translation of the ancient Gaelic name given to the people of the clans (tribes/families) who lived all along the glen.