Four Haiku – One Love

A glance. No words.
Fingertips touching
Knowing, serene smiles

Whispers in the dark
Quiet promises exchanged
Freedom as a bond

Emotions intensify –
Anticipation. Joy. Longing.
Stir deeply within

One complete truth
As simple as breathing
A contentment… Love?


Haiku – Breathe

Mind racing wildly
Full of inconsequences
Anxious stilted breaths

Breathe, she says
Simple words; I try, I can’t.
Relax, she says. Try.

How to imagine calm?
A foreign premise
To one so tightly bound

Passion; my great strength,
Perceived as a weakness
When applied in haste

Removed, I reflect
The World still spins..
Not only for me

Life lesson today
Others absorb my intensity
Their tolerance a gift

Haiku – Four Seasons

Thin daggers of ice
caressed tenderly by snowflakes
exist in fragile harmony
as do We

A little yellow flower
bathed in dew, awakens,
turning silken petals upwards
to a pale blue sky

The restless Bee
making honey in the Sun
flies here; then there; incessantly
like me; to you

Sure is the North wind
teasing tired, spiralling leaves
in a dizzy, fated dance; from limb
slowly down to loving Earth