Haiku – Lament

My name in Gaelic:

Ùisdean Mac an t-Sealgair

a bagpipe lament



Every Day Is Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day, Mum.
You’re in my thoughts this day and every other day.
I send Love and gratitude
to wherever your spirit now resides.

You made it possible for me to be the man I am today.
You remain my moral compass in all things,
our conversation continues.
“I feel your brightness near me.”

From: your son; now a father,
and your granddaughter; as much your legacy as she is mine.

School Run Chat With My Precocious 5yo Daughter

Me: How was school today?
Her: I learned a new word.
Me: Which word?
Her: “random”
Me: Oh, I’m a big fan of random.
Her: Ok, let’s say something random. You go first, Daddy.
Me: I don’t like hummus.
Her: I’m flying a flag of humility.
Me: You win.
Her: I know. Work on your random, Daddy.