Haiku – Kooky

An ocean apart
bridged by our affinity
the language of Kooks



Author: Hugh Hunter

Outlier. Find me on Twitter @HueySilverFox

19 thoughts on “Haiku – Kooky”

    1. That’s why i called her Cookie. Cookie the Kookster Caretta
      (that’s Turtle in Greek)
      It’s kinda spooky that you remember Cookie. Tho, when I say spooky I really mean kooky – as in “looky looky at the quirky quirkstress, crying at the juxtaposing of a turtle and Bowie and her own natural propensity for kookiness”
      I’m glad it brought tears
      It feels like years
      Since we chatted here
      Like sharpened shears
      I hope your mascara doesn’t smear, my dear.

      1. oh i thought you put
        kooky caretta on
        david bowie record

        was she related to baretta ?
        probably not she wouldn’t murder her husband.

        yes many sad years
        but the king buys only
        waterproof mascara

        ( fears : he has stock on the company)

        1. She was a Greek Persephonopoulos by birth but married a Scottish McMillan and thus became part of the crime fighting duo McMillan and Wife. They carried Walther PPKs, mainly cos Cookie said it was an acronym for Princess Persephonopoulos Kookster.
          Or maybe i made all this up,
          pulled random words from a cup,
          like some frolicksome li’l pup.
          Anyhow; s’up?

          1. LOL that is so funny.i am too dizzy to see how to spell persephonopolous but you are so locky in scotland to have mcmillan & wife….but i think cookie married george stephonapolous except he’s a democrat & i know she’s a republican

          2. Bi-partisan couplings are the most secure marriages in congress. Paula Abdul said it best when she sang: Opposites Attract.
            Tho i personally prefer Rush Rush because it opens thus:
            “Here’s my story, and my story goes – you give Love, you get Love, and more than heaven knows…..”
            It’s a Universal Truth.
            Also: the first line of my biography. I’ll send you a copy to use in any way you see fit.

          3. LOL is rush rush a song or are you talking about rush limbaugh?
            i would of course read your biography as long as it doesn’t get wet when you send it across the ocean.then it would be hard to read

          4. Rush Rush is a song.
            I’ve suddenly thought of a brilliant use for my biography – hit the xenophobic Limbaugh upside the head with it. In fact, rush to it.

          5. Wow! These words of yours I cannot beat
            To even try would be a thankless feat
            A foolish egotistical conceit
            Therefore i must admit defeat
            Your winning words I humbly greet
            With admiration oh so complete.

          6. you are modest in your expertise of rhyme
            always beat me every time
            in modesto california i would drop dime
            on scott peterson of a bad crime

            ( i don’t know if you have heard of him across the pond/ ocean)lol

          7. Of Scott Peterson i am aware
            He killed his wife without a care
            Then dumped her for the sharks to share
            Now on death row – a living nightmare
            The moral is: Life isn’t fair.

          8. how do you know all this.you are so smart.you gave me a start.my heart was at the door.listening for chinese food even more..almost every day since december ..other food i cannot remember.
            i can’t get over you even have scott peterson news.why don’t i have scotland news? i am not amused.

            i wrote scott peterson poems at court tv & everyone said they were kindergarten, but here they call me a poet LOL
            they are all uh oh door

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