41 thoughts on “Haiku – Moonbeams (aka A Chat With Errin Spelling)”

          1. I love shish kebab. There’s a big debate about whether it should be accompanied by chilli sauce or tzatziki. I’m a proponent of the latter. That’s how they serve it in Turkey, Greece and Cyprus. I’m a purist, you see.

          2. i do like tofu in a moo-moo..i can write for a million years everything i’m allergic to…
            vegetarian who’s allergic to soy (tofu) but i just had some..LOL i had BUDHA’s delight! but i’m jewish .you probably had matzo ball soup

    1. One day i will converse with you in real time and it will be magical. I fell asleep mid-rhyme 6 hours ago and left you liege-less, but now i’ve risen from my king size slumber and ’tis i who is now kookless and bereft. Damn you; unsynchronised sleep patterns! Sweet dreams my fair maiden…

      1. LOL so funny .you fell asleep mid rhyme.yes it will be magical…LOL king size slumber. i can’t even receive a turtle size slumber 5 to 9 am.
        your words are more magical than the bee gees.

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