Haiku – Wordplay

Heart to heart we talk
Cerebrally jousting words
Getting to know you


Author: Hugh Hunter

Outlier. Find me on Twitter @HueySilverFox

30 thoughts on “Haiku – Wordplay”

          1. Quiche and bennigans got no swag, put the quiche back in the bag,
            Bennigans in Georgia state
            Present yummy morsels on a plate
            Bennigans and Quiche ne’er the twain shall meet
            In a rhyme or on the street
            Make your peace and go your way
            Words don’t always make your day.
            Touché. Hey.

          1. I’d rather swat a moth or pet a sloth with Philip Roth than eat a curry in a hurry in a surrey all that movement would be no improvement to the spice or the rice in a thrice thanks the thought was nice but I’ll pass or go to mass or fish for bass or go to sleep and dream of reblog with my imaginary dog, Kellogg (he’s a total flake)

          2. LOL kellogg is a total flake that was so very good…

            i’ve never had a curry or ridden in a surrey. once i had a cocktail molotov with peter popoff, who fell in a drop off , but it wasn’t yom tov (holiday)

          3. I once yelled Mazel Tov, not at Peter Popoff or Eli Roth, but my friend Manny Jacobs. I ate challah, borsht, gerfishkes and a beautiful aubergine and lamb dish. Kosher food rocks.

          4. so funny! i’ve never had an aubergine. i see it lives in the med which is funny because i had a rhyme here waiting for this :once i was on a sled with mr ed, telling me of his new temperpedic bed, i noticed his head was red,sunburned from club med…
            you liked borsht & gerfishkies, beets & carp..i’m just joking they were probably whitefish who are friends with bass but never go to mass, because they are budhist

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