Haiku – Immersed

Like a
My love
over you
Each droplet
a dream


Author: Hugh Hunter

Outlier. Find me on Twitter @HueySilverFox

38 thoughts on “Haiku – Immersed”

        1. Yes, she did indeed. She has a beautiful poet’s heart. She writes and performs 1 person plays, fully illustrated short stories and poems. I’m extremely proud of her. She attends the “prestigious” PACE theatre workshop. What a kid!

          1. Your haiku are beautifully innovative. I like them. I’ve been writing them for 18 months, I’m still a novice. When I say I write them I mean my heart writes them.

          2. Thank you. You certainly don’t write like a newcomer, you must be a natural. Which reminds me of “The Natural” by Bernard Malamud – a great movie and an even better book.

          3. i saw the movie but i don’t remember anything.
            baseball has been very bad to me….you probably had saturday night live in scotland too: you have everything
            they said baseball very good to me…

          4. No we don’t have SNL or Hamantaschen or baseball but we do have lots of other things like: errrrm, lots of other things.
            True story: years ago I was a guest at a Jewish wedding. I had a ball.

          5. We have most things you have and some things you don’t have. Lol. We have Shetland Ponies but only on the Shetland Isles. We have deep fried pizza and tartan paint. We don’t have Twinkies or thanksgiving. Bah!

          6. Deep fried nexium? Does your kangaroo have a name? The only kangaroo I’ve been involved with was a kangaroo court. I was up on the charge of grand lozenges.
            (that’s an old Snagglepuss joke) lol

          7. i give you independence sire from the uk.
            you love newman’s : i love nicholas cage’s soba noodles with his poodles in a pram in siam.
            i think his (newman’s) dressing has msg..fiddledeedee

          8. LOL. wow .no one can top that…nothing rhymes with goethe except put a.
            you can reap a big ole heap of crawdads for your pesca,
            while i weep and chickens peep because they want their tea to steep.

          9. I don’t mean to pry, but please don’t cry, I don’t know why, but Walk on By mists my eye, have a slice of pie, on the fly, look at the sky – we see the same moon, talk soon, in the meantime i’ll bend a spoon. Like Uri Geller, in his cellar reading all about the Rockefellers.

          10. wow that was something goethe.
            are you saying ,you also have the song in scotland: just walk on by ? & it makes you cry.i don’t know why , but i can eat pie but no whiskey or rye..pumpernickel makes me sigh .it’s very dry.

          11. Alas poor Yorick didn’t know Dionne Warwick so he lost his way to San Jose but I must say he did ok in that play by old WS, that’s all I guess, my hair’s a mess I must confess I did it on porpoise to emulate the Beach Boys and their sublime noise.

          12. very witty on porpoise.i have haiku beach boys, but i’m still taking in the 1st 2 lines.. trying to remember if diane warwick is on white collar
            & is that a song :do you know the way to san jose?

          13. No, that’s Dianne Carroll. I like White Collar even tho it’s kinda not good. Hahaa! Do You Know The Way To Burger King was a big hit for Dionne Warwick in the 60s. Bacharach could write a song, couldn’t he? Wow, Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head. It rains a lot in Scotland.

          14. i have to tell you about white collar haiku sometime, but oh i’m hysterical laughing ..diane carroll just like redford newman confusion…you in another country have to unconfuse me about do you know the way to BURGER KING LOLOL.. you know burger king too

          15. we did raindrops keep falling on my head toe heel ball change step slide kick kick ball change toe heel ball change step slide kick…….in dancing school…those are the words.. that i remember

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