Haiku – Lunar

Full moon casts its glow
magic moonbeams bathing you
as you smile skywards


Author: Hugh Hunter

Outlier. Find me on Twitter @HueySilverFox

23 thoughts on “Haiku – Lunar”

          1. I don’t know that song but I know this song: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker. I’m loving the Ramones atm.

            ..cuz she’s a punk punk, a punk rocker
            a punk punk, a punk rocker…

          2. LOL..i just watched him sing
            sheena his hair is almost
            as long as mine is..

            i bet you know that song if you heard it,i just took some words out to buy the moonbeam..maybe you don’t but it starts : “sunshine go away today,i don’t feel much like dancin” some man’s gone & took my wife or something..

          3. Sunshine by Jonathan Edwards. I’ve just listened to it on YouTube. Good tune but I hadn’t heard it before now. I believe it was a big country hit in the US but I don’t think it was on this side of the pond.

          4. Errin, maybe you do like country music, but up til now you’ve only heard stuff you don’t like? I like some country music – usually the songs that tell a story.

            Also: you can’t buy moonbeams, they’re free. All you have to do is believe in them.

          5. really.okay i believe..do you know that’s a haiku?
            “you can’t buy moonbeams
            they’re free all you have to do
            is believe in them”

            yes up til now – hate-
            if i had a gun
            i would shoot the radio
            whatever it’s on

          6. They sound tasty. Do you know if you boil a parsnip then mash it up and add banana essence it not only tastes like banana but it has exactly the same texture and mouthfeel? True story.

          7. They brought many things: including jurisprudence, a banking system, Presbyterianism, free thinkers, a culture of artisanship, spoken word history, fiddle music, a work ethic and a thirst for freedom. In the 14th century Scottish nobility helped draft a radical document- The Declaration of Arbroath, which advocated that every citizen should by right have: religious freedom, personal freedom, freedom from tyrrany (English colonisation) and a say in the independence of Scotland. Thomas Jefferson based large parts of The Declaration of Independence on it.
            As you can see, I know my Scottish history. Lol.

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