Tanka – Reaching Out

In the dark valley
tears manifest as black rain
I yearn for the sun
Like fragile leaf clings to branch
I trust you will rescue me


Author: Hugh Hunter

Outlier. Find me on Twitter @HueySilverFox

38 thoughts on “Tanka – Reaching Out”

          1. oh no does it have reynaud’s phenomenon?

            i once had the dermatologist say he was sorry the stitches didn’t heal ,that he gave me 20, so it would heal..i told him it’s not your fault i DONN’T heal.but 1st i said oh no i just bought a new bikini

          2. Priorities! It’s not Reynauds, but LL Cool J told me it was “something like a phenomenon”. Personally, I thought it more likely to be something to do with pheremones. 20 stitches? Wow, was that score? Sorry; sore?

          3. lol ll cool j. i needed that.it’s been a very ptsd 3 hours…
            it didn’t hurt when he did it. he said it was a black mole-pre cancerous i was 28….but it wasn’t.. i never bought another bikini until i came here & no one told me all you needed was a suntan & you can’t really see it…BUT it does hurt whenever my p.t. masages fibromyalgia too close to it

          4. thank-you. ptsd would go away if people would stop breaking in….

            troublesome that is a good word. i wish i had known it before i typed. i told the dermatologist & nurse, cab driver stories for an hour while they troublesomed..lol
            they asked me to come back & tell them more.

          5. that’s what i thought you meant! mr b is a character but not the 2 in d.c. they all 3 tell people stories about me.LOL …
            one time mr b was driving don johnson to make a movie every day & he told him here’s my card & gave him a quarter & said “don’t call this number” next time.

          6. Oh no, here we go, I started slow, playing tic tac toe, out in the snow, with curly, larry and mo, listening to Bowie’s Low, watching the Larry Sanders Show all aglow now it’s your go…

          7. LOL
            oh no, i type slow & think even slower.
            they sent larry sanders across the pond too. i did watch that, but no laughing.
            i watched the new tonight show with jimmy fallon receiving dough from all the stars without an afro
            last night & it was so so. (much like my rhyme)lol

          8. Or Mark Anthony the consul of Rome in your home or Helen of Troy the Trojan chick being car sick both of those would leave a mark like a bonfire in central park or a birthmark on a shark I’m typing with only one eye open I’ll catch you tomorrow please don’t be mopin’ (i know you won’t it was my only rhyme option)

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