Haiku – Ionian Sea at Dusk

A turquoise mirror
Symmetry of Earth and Sky
One; no start, no end


Author: Hugh Hunter

Outlier. Find me on Twitter @HueySilverFox

5 thoughts on “Haiku – Ionian Sea at Dusk”

    1. Thank you so much. I wrote many haiku during the summer of 2012. I holidayed in Zakynthos, Greece and Murcia, Spain. I was continuously inspired by what I experienced. I’m glad it shines through in the words.

        1. I didn’t watch any Greek tv the full two weeks. No mobile phone ringing incessantly. No texts. No emails. It was a cyber-detox. Bliss, actually. Didn’t Liz Taylor momentarily freeze the world with her hairspray in 1984? That’s why the Russians boycotted the LA Olympics. That and an imperialist agenda but shutupHughnevermind

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