Four Haiku – One Love

A glance. No words.
Fingertips touching
Knowing, serene smiles

Whispers in the dark
Quiet promises exchanged
Freedom as a bond

Emotions intensify –
Anticipation. Joy. Longing.
Stir deeply within

One complete truth
As simple as breathing
A contentment… Love?


Author: Hugh Hunter

Outlier. Find me on Twitter @HueySilverFox

2 thoughts on “Four Haiku – One Love”

  1. Thanks for the follow and nice meting you here via Word Press. I’m happy to see your world 🙂 Would you like to join me in my ‘For the Love of Haiku” anytime you are welcome. See you round!

    1. Thanks for your kind invitation to join you in For The Love Of Haiku, I look forward to joining you there. Also looking forward to reading your work on WordPress. Take it easy. Hugh 🙂

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